Nutritional healing bases on the belief that nutrition plays an important function in every medical condition, and that a nutritious diet is very important to a person’s maintenance of good health and vitality.

Food provides the building blocks that permit the body to function and operate well. Nutritional healing employs wholesome food and supplements to encourage the body’s natural healing by boosting the immune system and detoxifying the body from bad toxins. It also aids in restoring digestion, and addressing deficiencies. Nutritional healing is also a complementary medicine, and can be used alongside with conventional medicine. It is said to be the oldest form of medicine known and practiced by mankind.

Nutritional healing believes in healing with the use of whole foods. Nature produces a variety of foods that are suited and appropriate for the body. Whole foods refer to those natural foods that are produced from nature that have not been processed or refined. These foods consist of organic fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, sea vegetables, fresh fish, poultry and meats. It is always believed that the best way to eat these foods is by eating them in their natural forms, without processing them with chemicals. A whole food diet is much richer in nutrients than packaged and processed food. Studies show that diet is actually accountable for growing numbers of serious illnesses and diseases in the community today such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and others.

Nutritional healing also involves healing with the use of nutritional supplements. With nutritional healing, the nutrients that are missing from a person’s diet are supplied to the person in the form of food supplements. Many of these food supplements used in nutritional therapy come from plants.

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